Cordial thanks from Earthship Zeměnka

Our dear donors,

we would like to thank you all from the heart of Europe for all the donated Earthcoins, that traveled through space and time from heart to heart.

Your donated Earthcoins enabled amidst the picturesque Sázava landscape a beautiful project of Zeměloď Zeměnka, an Earthship model for independent living in harmony with nature.

Zeměnka is located in Sedliště close to the town of Sázava on a beautiful estate of 22,203 m² whose price was 3,330,450 Kč (i.e. only 150 Kč/m²). Our NGO Zeměloď bought this land from Josef Viewegh Foundation; the money gained from the sale enabled the Foundation Nadace Josefa Viewegh to revitalise the glass factory František where a Centre of Glass Art arised.

Zeměnka emerged gradually with major assistance of many enthusiasts; the raw structure arose within 21 days with the help of 40 volunteers from 14 countries during the international building workshop led by architect Michael Reynolds.

From the very first idea passed less than 6 years. During those 6 years we have seen that when we interconnect our hearts, we can achieve a lot and very quickly.

For those less than 6 years the NGO Zeměloď trained in seminars and building workshops few hundred people. Zeměnka was visited since the end of May 2012 by several thousand donors and their friends, as well by many pupils and students. For donors from abroad we offered guided tours in English, German and Spanish.

Your donations helped NGO Zeměloď to finance the shell contruction of the earthship Zeměnka and the land purchase.

The Earthship Zeměnka now faces the fifth winter. Next year the shell construction could be dry enough so that we could proceed with finishing the interior.

Cordial thanks to all of you for this beautiful expression of solidarity.

We wish all people good will, good luck, joy and love.

from heart to heart

NGO Zeměloď