Earthship® Zeměnka®

European Earthship Centre

Zeměnka is the first Earthship in Central Europe built by NGO Zeměloď under guidance of Michael Reynolds and his team with help of lots of willing people. It is located close to the town of Sázava and it was build 980 years after the Monastery of Sázava was founded; its shell construction took 21 days - from 5th to 25th May 2012.

European Earthship Centre which is owned and maintained by NGO Zeměloď serves as a demonstration and training centre of sustainable buildings. Visitors are able to see the building and experience the original Earthship concept directly.

Zeměnka was built as a prototype building, which - as a first building of its kind in Central Europe - is intended for testing in our conditions. Zeměloď informs about gained knowledge through discussions and lectures.

Temperatures in Zeměnka


Note: western room is used for tours, it is not inhabited and there is no stove; there is a little wood stove in the eastern room.

Notice for Potential Builders of Zeměloď

At the moment there is no company here which is able to build you an Earthship. We try to build a team which would be able to give help with building. More information to be published on our News page.

If you want to try building techniques on your own we suggest to start on your own property building some small structure like outdoor toilet, outdoor shower, stall, shed, garage, green house etc.

If you lack space to try individual techniques we offer an opportunity to take part in our regular building workshops and help us to finish Zeměnka and its environment. Information regarding workshops is published on the News page and sent to subscribers using our newsletter.