During the workshop we plan to build or extend:

  1. -dome above separation toilet

  2. -plasters of tire walls

  3. -the gate and walls in the entrance to Earthship Zeměnka

  4. -kitchen from bottles

  5. -wooden floor in the classroom

  6. -bottle bricks wall in the greenhouse

  7. -stone mosaic in the bathroom

  8. -skylight above the greenhouse

  9. -PV panels at the front face of the Earthship Zeměnka

  10. -external and internal plasters of the Earthship Zeměnka

During the workshop you can learn:

  1. -building a wall from tires

  2. -building a little wall from bottles and cans

  3. -building a little wall from bottle bricks

  4. -building a little vault

  5. -creative use of recycled materials

During lectures you will get informations which you will not be able to gain anywhere else such as:

  1. -experiences from the sixth year in an off-grid system Earthship

  2. -fixes to the original design of Michael Reynolds in relation to our climate

  3. -enhancement of the roof in relation to our climate

  4. -humidity of the shell construction: problems and solutions

  5. -solar heating of the building: possibilities and limitations in our climate

  6. -experiences with rain water usage: catchment, cleaning and recycling, botanical cells in the greenhouse

  7. -enhancement of the silt catch

  8. -production and usage of electricity: what can be done with a minimal equipment

  9. -examples of using recycled materials for small reconstructions in an ordinary flat

  10. -waste: domestic animals, compost, permaculture gardens

  11. -Czech building code and its application for Zeměloď

  12. -earthships in Europe

We invite everyone and especially those who are planning to build self-sufficient houses from recycled materials.

Please note number of participants is limited to 10!

Photos from last year here.





1st run:    5. 8. - 13. 8. 2017

2nd run: 12. 8. - 20. 8. 2017

Earthship Zeměnka near Sázava, Czech Rep.

road description here

100 €


Please note just ahead of our workshop you can take part in

Biotecture Academy in Europe with M. Reynolds





17. 7. - 12. 8. 2017

Biras, Dordogne, France

2 500 USD

First Ever Earthship Academy in Europe




 9 - 17:  practical workshop

19 - 21: lectures

in own tents on the property of the centre or in our tee-pee

individual cooking possible (common summer kitchen) or in a guest house nearby

Details about our workshop in Sedliště, Sázava