Tours to Zeměnka®

How to Get to Zeměnka

Zeměnka is located near to Sedliště close to the town of Sázava.

GPS: 49°51'50.000"N, 14°54'54.000"E

Coming on Two, Three or Four Wheels

Go to the town of Sázava and (from the bridge) leave it southwards (see the map below - the red line) : Oldřichovo Quay, railway crossing, Lipová St., then turn right in the direction to Bělokozly. After leaving Sázava enter the woods and half way up turn left to Sedliště; it is the only left branch on the ascent, there is a triangle sign Crossing just in front of it, then little left turn and the branch is just behind it (it's easy to miss it). There is an arrow Tábor Duha (and few others) on the tree by the branch. Beyond the branch go straight (descending little bit), then you should see few bungalows of Tábor Duha on your left hand side; Zeměnka is little bit further, on the left hand side too. You can park on the gravel in the entrance to the property; the entrance (which you can easily recognise by an arch and a wall from bottles and cans) is to the left from the road, little bit beyond the small white cottage on your right hand side (the only building on the the right), just before the road starts to descend. Don't stay on the road please (it is narrow and sometimes busy) and don't drive further to the property.

Note: there is no access from the river.

Coming by Bus or by Foot from Sázava

Take bus 382 from Prague - Háje and go to the last stop Sázava - aut. zast. (Sázava - bus station) just in front of the train station Sázava (formerly Sázava - Černé Budy). From there go little bit back, then turn left to Nádražní St., then turn right and immediately turn left upwards to Na Vápenkách St. and continue in the direction to Bělokozly. Then follow the instruction above. The road from the train station to Zeměnka is 3 km long and takes around 40 min. walk time.

You can take a shortcut: take the green marked touristic line from the Na Vápenkách St. turning left to the K Rakovce Lane (first to the left) and follow the green line up to Zeměnka. Note: beyond the last house (on your right hand side) the green line turns sharply to the left and descends to the railroad and the river. This shortcut is 2 km long and takes around 30 min. walk time.

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Coming by Train

The best option is to go to Samopše stop, which is the first stop after Sázava station (formerly Sázava - Černé Budy) and then use a shortcut: first leave the platform (with a foot stone 42 km) and walk directly on the railway in the direction to Sázava. First you go on the compacted till, the the railway turns left. At the end of the turn - 15 m in front of the 42,2 km foot stone - turn left to the pathway leading upwards on the green until you reach the road. Follow the road upwards until you come to Zeměnka (it is just beyond the wood). See the red line on the map below (it is not marked touristic line).

From the Samopše stop you can also take the green marked touristic line, only it is longer. The green touristic line crosses the railway ahead of the station. Take the green line upwards ascending the hill and at the moment you are leaving the wood, passing the white bungalow (not on the map) and entering a narrow road, you should see Zeměnka in front of you on the opposite side of the road. Again see the map below - the green line (it is actually marked touristic line).

Another option is to go to Sázava station (formerly Sázava - Černé Budy), which is located just next to the bus station, and then go by foot using the instructions for coming by bus (see above).

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